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Lightblue Cognitive Solutions offers the following kinds of Artificial Intelligence related consulting or custom solution development & implementation services.


AI Consulting

Let us help you by assessing your current AI maturity and industry specific trends, then prioritise and plan an AI Roadmap together with both your business and information technology stakeholders.

  • AI Roadmap Development – Crafting strategic plans for AI integration.
  • AI Readiness Assessment – Evaluating existing people, process and technology for AI readiness aka maturity.
  • AI Governance – Establishing guidelines and ethical considerations for AI use.

Our initiatives are tightly coupled to key performance indicators with a solid business value case to ensure return on investment.


Data Analytics & Big Data Solutions

It all begins with the data, with a significant portion of each project’s effort being consumed in the identification, collection, cleansing and transformation of your data following the CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) approach.

  • Data Engineering – Building infrastructure for batch or real time / streaming data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL).
  • Data Visualisation – Data is only as useful as when it is well communicated through dashboards and story boards.
  • Predictive Analytics – Analysing data to forecast trends, behaviours and associations.
  • Decision Management – Combination of Business Rules & Predictive Analytics capabilities.
  • Business Intelligence – Converting data into actionable insights for decision-making.

If you are concerned that your data is not sufficient to adequately train a new model don’t despair as we can generate synthetic data and / or leverage one of our proprietary industry specific data sets to ensure your models are effective.


AI Solution Development

Our multi-disciplinary team has the experience of developing bespoke AI solutions across each of the following Artificial Intelligence domains.

  • Generative AI – Prompt Engineering, Fine Tuning and / or training of Large Language Models for multi model text, audio and video generative solutions.
  • Machine Learning Model Development – Building and training custom ML models and solutions.
  • Natural Language Processing Solutions – Creating tools for language understanding, classification, extraction, etc.
  • Speech to Text / Text to Speech – Voice enabled conversational solutions.
  • Computer Vision Systems – Developing applications for image and video analysis.

We have extensive experience leveraging industry leading, proprietary,  enterprise grade, end to end, AI platforms for our larger clients. Alternatively we are fully conversant in leveraging open source software end to end and we select our software stack based on the best fit for purpose.


Machine Learning Engineering & Operations (MLOps)

Our bespoke AI solutions are engineered following the Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) approach which incorporates machine learning and software development practices into a single approach.

  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA) – Iteratively explore, share, and prep data for the machine learning lifecycle by creating reproducible, editable, and shareable datasets, tables, and visualizations.
  • Data Prep and Feature Engineering– Iteratively transform, aggregate, and de-duplicate data to create refined features. Most importantly, make the features visible and shareable across data teams, leveraging a feature store.
  • Model training and tuning – Use popular open source libraries such as scikit-learn and hyperope to train and improve model performance. As a simpler alternative, use automated machine learning tools such as AutoML to automatically perform trial runs and create reviewable and deployable code.
  • Model review and governance– Track model lineage, model versions, and manage model artifacts and transitions through their lifecycle. Discover, share, and collaborate across ML models with the help of an open source MLOps platform such as MLflow.
  • Model inference and serving – Manage the frequency of model refresh, inference request times and similar production-specifics in testing and QA. Use CI/CD tools such as repos and orchestrators (borrowing devops principles) to automate the pre-production pipeline.
  • Model deployment and monitoring – Automate permissions and cluster creation to productionise registered models. Enable REST API model endpoints. Monitor model functional and operational aspects.
  • Model Hosting – Provision of Model endpoints as a Service or deployed within your on-premise tin.
  • Automated model retraining – Create alerts and automation to take corrective action In case of model drift due to differences in training and inference data.

Custom Software Engineering

Our bespoke AI solutions are engineered following the Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) methodology which incorporates machine learning and software development practices into a single approach.

  • Requirement Analysis and Planning – Gathering requirements, identifying stakeholders, defining scope, and resource allocation.
  • Design and Prototyping – Architectural design, UI/UX design, creating prototypes, and choosing technology stacks.
  • Implementation and Coding – Writing code, developing features, integrating components, and performing unit testing.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance – System testing, performance testing, bug fixing, and validating against requirements.
  • Deployment, Support, Maintenance and Updates – Deploying software to production, continuous monitoring, providing user support, maintenance and releasing updates.
  • Solution Hosting – Hosting of your end to end solution and model as a Service or deployment on premise on your tin.

We follow an Agile software development methodology.


Training and Workshops

Any solution is only as good as its ability to fulfil an end users’ requirements and training forms an integral part of any implementation.

  • Employee Training – Educating staff on productivity enhancements possible with AI tools and custom developed AI applications.
  • Workshops for Executives – Tailored sessions for leadership on leveraging AI in business

Let us help you ensure your employees get the most out of AI.