Increase Operational Efficiency with an Employee & Agent Assistant for the largest South African Short Term insurer

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Case Study Details

Lightblue assisted the largest short term insurer in South Africa to increase its operational efficiency by providing all its employees with a chat and search knowledge based assistant.


The organisation needed a way to provide employees and contact centre agents with company knowledge in the form of frequently asked questions, policies and procedures at their fingertips, instead of them having to hunt for this information on the various repositories that existed.



To address this, Lightblue implemented a leading chat and intelligent search solution that was able to provide both answers to frequently asked questions and abstracts from relevant documentation. In addition the solution provided an in-line document viewer and was integrated to the organisations training solution – enabling staff to select from applicable training courses, etc. The solution also provided for outbound pop-up notifications via the chatbot to increase awareness of company communications. The solution was deployed across the organisation for human resource information and then for multiple specialised departments and contact centre agents – each with their specialised knowledge domain.


  • Channels: The solution was implemented as a full form factor standalone web application for knowledge workers and as a small form factor “chatbot” within several company intranet sites and even within their mobile employee app.
  • Conversation Flows: Each target audience was provided with their specific set of frequently asked questions and answers to address their particular requirements. 
  • Knowledge Repositories: Each target audience was provided with a collection of applicable documentation from which the search bot could provide relevant abstracts to support the frequently asked questions.


The solution was able to:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Employees and contact centre agents were able to find relevant information far quicker than through traditional means and were thus able to service their customers queries more efficiently.
  • Accelerated Training: The solution was provided to employees during initial onboarding and training workshops to be used as an initial and ongoing support reference.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Employees were more able to navigate the organisational processes and provide their customers in turn with a better level of customer service.

Lessons Learnt

  • Stakeholder Management: Traditional chat solutions are heavily dependent on the business investing the time and effort required to detail a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers. Whilst some departments realise this others see chatbots as a tick-box exercise and thus don’t realise their value add.


  • Chatbot / Conversational Platform: IBM Watson Assistant
  • Intelligent Search: IBM Watson Discovery
  • Application Server: IBM Code Engine
  • Database: Mongo DB
  • Cloud Platform: IBM Cloud


Chat and intelligent search technology can go far in providing employees and contact centre agents with the requisite knowledge at their fingertips to aid them quickly in their time of need and make a measurable positive impact on the bottom line.