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Who we are

We are a boutique, intelligent automation consulting and software solution provider aligned with a blue chip technology platform. Our energetic, dynamic team believes that a smart and well-thought through cognitive strategy is what gives great organisations the edge.

Building a cognitive enabled business depends on having access to deep machine learning and robotic process automation expertise, with a leading underlying technology platform coupled to rapid deployment through pre-built solution components – so as to ensure your organisation’s artificial intelligence journey is successful.

Cognitive computing and robotic process automation is central to what we do. We combine innovative thinking with practical business understanding coupled to our industry knowledge to grow our clients’ businesses by developing creative, flexible solutions.
We productize our solutions so as to enable new customers to get going quickly with “out of the box” components comprising both industry-specific and cross-industry applications.

Our cognitive solutions are used to improve customer engagement (chatbots), improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency (digital assistants, automation and visual search) and even enable new business models.


Lightblue Silver Sponsor of AIExpoAfrica 2019

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AI. Coming ready or Not

Your AI journey starts with Lightblue. A future-facing company, offering bespoke or off-the-shelf AI solutions, proven to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks within your value chain, through Intelligent Automation. With…

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LightBlue Cognitive Solutions Stand @ #AI Expo Africa

LightBlue Cognitive Solutions stand at the 2018 AI Expo Africa @ Century City in Cape Town. Awesome opportunity to meet the competition and share ideas with like minded souls and…

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You’ve got Mail!

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Soul Machines – Bringing a human face to customer-facing AI with IBM Watson

Soul Machines gives customer-facing AI a human face, making interactions feel more intuitive and natural. With the help of IBM® Watson™ Assistant, the company is creating “artificial human” advisors that…

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H&R Blocks 70 000 tax pros are working with Watson to help clients maximize their refunds

The powerful technology of Watson to helps ensure clients get back what they deserve.
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