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Fouche is a graduate from the University of Stellenbosch that started his career in Information Systems in 1998. Initially focussing on systems and network administration he quickly moved onto software development, design and architecture. Working for companies like Business Connection, Safmarine, IBM and Visa gave him the opportunity to build both a wide and deep skill set. He is skilled in a variety of programming languages and deployment architectures. Through the years Fouche has been invited to join various Architecture Boards and earned many performance awards due to his client focussed approach. His experience in cognitive (AI) technologies started in 2001 with a research platform solution developed for Media 24. The solution was designed to process the entire Media 24 archive and “learn“ an additional language, namely Afrikaans.

Fouche’s interest in the field of cognitive computing continued. Currently he is leading the implementation of a cognitive solution that will change the way legal research is done in South Africa. The emergence of cloud based cognitive API’s, has led him to embark on extensive research and development work, which uniquely enables him to help provide disruptive technologies. These solutions are set to bring about ground-breaking changes in how companies mobilise their workforce, by enabling clients with faster and more accurate information.