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Understand the meaning of signals (visual, text, audio) in data, empowering developers to extend and build next generation user experiences that can interact with humans.

Drivers & Benefits


Understand visual data of any kind e.g. personalize advertising by offering individualized value


Understand text content in context e.g. monitor competitors moves by analyzing news and social data


Accurately transcribe speech to text and back e.g. transcribe call center data for insights and learning.

We chose this technology platform because of the quality of the actual voice-to-text conversion and how well it integrates with our systems

Chrs Maciejewski, Founder and Technical Director VoIPstudio


Customer Care

Move from interactive voice response (IVR) to an omni channel customer first digital relationship.

Customer Service

Transcribe call centre calls in real time to provide agents with real time guidance as how best to answer customers queries.

Asset Management

Train custom image classifiers to “detect” normal and broken areas of infrastructure in manufacturing or any business process involving images e.g. insurance detect the extent of claimant’s vehicle damage or hail damage.

Content Management

Automatically classify large stores of digital imagery to facilitate categorization and re-use.

Customer Intelligence

By leveraging the power of speech to text and natural language understanding, organisations can scan call centers emails, social media to drive insight and understand.

Mobile Application

Delight clients by enabling speech interaction for your mobile application.

Resume Review

Automatically scan applicant resumes for job description fit.