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Add a natural language understanding, intelligent search to any app, website, device, messaging app or social channel. Cognitive Search is delivering the immediate contextual value to users that has long been promised. Leveraging pre-built solution components and rapidly ingest your domain content for fast deployment.

Drivers & Benefits

Rapid results

Spend less time struggling with your data. Automated ingestion and integrated natural language processing in a fully managed cloud service removes the complexity from dealing with natural language content.

Domain intelligence

Easily adapt Discovery’s understanding of your corpus with integrated machine learning to surface the most relevant answers. Teach Discovery to apply the knowledge of unique entities and relations in your industry or organization with Watson Knowledge Studio.

AI ready for business

Uncover deep connections throughout your data by using advanced AI functions out of the box, such as natural language queries, passage retrieval, relevancy training, relationship graphs and anomaly detection.


Customer Service

An application for your support workflow that intelligently finds and answers both simple and complex customer questions in context.

Social Listening

An application that is socially aware providing real-time visibility into perceptions about your business, products and services; e.g. a troll patrol that monitors abhorrent behavior and reports on it via dashboards

Technician Assist

Enable a technician to access years of historical detail including performance, quality and repairs, plus manuals and bulletins in context. Technicians can become smarter and faster with each repair.

Helpdesk Assistant

Provide users with frequently asked questions and access to intelligent search across your support and training documentation.

Research Insights

An application to extract domain-specific insights from vast amounts of research documents, industry journals and news content e.g. legal, taxation, contracts