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Fusion of cognitive with email automation, robotic process automation and / or the internet of things. By connecting disparate systems and understanding the meaning of signals (visual, text, audio), empowering business to automatically interpret these inputs and then intelligently automate transactions with a back end systems.

Drivers & Benefits

Improve productivity through straight through intelligent processing of customer requests via voice or any messaging platform

Reduce customer servicing costs and free up servicing staff for higher value add tasks


Customer Service Automation

Allow customers to update personal details, check account balances, request purchase order numbers, request confirmations, perform FICA or any backend transaction (e.g. submit a claim) with phone (voice), your website (text chatbot) or any messaging platform (sms, whatsapp, slack, facebook messenger)

Email Automation

Read and understand intent within incoming customer emails. Route emails to the appropriate inbox or work queue, perform content completeness checks and request outstanding information from customer and then perform transactions with back end system automation and provide customer with confirmation once updated.

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