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IDC report names IBM the #1 market leader in AI

AI is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous fixture in enterprises worldwide. IDC estimates the AI market to already be worth $28.1 billion in revenue as of 2018.

Although standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the workplace with AI, those wondrous artificial thinkers, may exist only as aspirations for some organizations, know that this market is growing fast. It may not be long before AI tools are as commonplace as mouse pad or monitor in most offices—even yours.

And odds are strong that when the time comes to partner with an AI provider—and start turning AI aspirations into outcomes—IBM will be a frontrunner in your selection.

By the numbers, IDC reports that AI worldwide growth in 2018 reached 35.6%, and notably, despite a crowded landscape of competitors, IBM continues to hold the lion’s share of the AI market (9.2%).

Among organizations investing in AI hardware, software, or services, more will buy IBM and rely on Watson than any other vendor. This according to a new IDC report: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Market Shares, 2018 (full report available to IDC subscribers) which names IBM as 2018’s market leader in AI.