Streamlining Customer Service via WhatsApp for Business channel management

Insurance | Customer Service | WhatsApp for Business

Case Study Details

One of the larger South African insurance brokers approached Lightblue to assist them in better managing their WhatsApp communications with their customers and suppliers. We implemented a cost effective platform solution to unify all their WhatsApp communications and to ensure they were compliant with the requisite regulatory requirements in the industry.


A leading local insurance broker had a situration where all their brokers were interacting with their customers and suppliers via WhatsApp on their personal phones. There was no single, unified WhatsApp communication channel, so it was impossible to manage service levels or ensure regulatory compliance in terms of FAIS and POPIA.



To address this, Lightblue assisted the brokerage in identifying a solution that was fit for their purpose, i.e. a cost effective, unified channel management platform that addressed the basic requirements in terms of service level management, communication standardisation and regulatory compliance.


  • Business Requirements: We made sure that we fully understood the business requirements before looking for any technical solutions. 
  • Solution Investigation: We investigated multiple potential solutions in terms of cost and functional fit, before making a final selection which best fitted the customers requirements.
  • Pilot: We implemented the selected solution as part of a pilot phase to allow the business to get to grips with the new way of work and to let the IT department figure out the next logical steps to mature the solution.


The pilot solution allowed the brokerage to:

  • Improved Customer Service: This was achieved through a combination of managed service levels, standardised communications and ease of access to the platform to facilitate faster response times.
  • Improved Compliance Posture: The solution ensured that the brokerage was FAIS compliant in terms of retaining all communications for the appropriate period and ensuring all communications contained the correct language.

Lessons Learnt

  • Stakeholder Management: Ensure that all key stakeholders are involved in the definition and sign off of the business requirements.
  • Business as Usual: Turn over smaller low risk pilot projects to operational staff earlier as they have more intimate knowledge of the day to day business processes and it facilitates both buy in and knowledge trnasfer.


WhatsApp for Business is the first choice amongst South African consumers in terms of their preferred communication channel, given its ease of use and ubiquity. Take advantage of this customer preference to meet your customers where they are most comfortable interacting with your business.