Accelerate your employees efficiency with Large Language Model enhanced applications

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Case Study Details

Our client a Big 5 international consulting business, requested our assistance in leveraging Generative AI to automate the creation of Job Descriptions for their customers. 


Our client was manually detailing hundreds of detailed Job Descriptions each month for their customers as part of their human resource organisational re-design engagements. The work was tedious, requiring subject matter expertise, repetitive and error prone.



Lightblue assisted our client by leveraging Generative AI to create new Job Descriptions automatically by using Retrieval Augmented Generation and Large Language Model prompt chaining (engineering). The solution was able to create new customised Job Descriptions, leveraging the client’s historic database of previously created Job Descriptions and custom new specifications as guided by the solution and entered by the employee.


  • Requirements Elicitation: We performed business analysis of the current process to fully understand the client’s requirements.
  • Data Exploration: We sourced and reviewed the available sources of data to ascertain their potential utility in being part of the Generative AI solution.
  • Proof of Concept: We developed a proof of concept to demonstrate the ability of the technology to fulfill the client’s requirements and allow them to fully evaluate its effectiveness.


  • Improved Efficiency: The employees were now able to generate a new Job Description in a handful of minutes, a task which used to take the better part of an hour.
  • Improved Quality: The solution outputs were consistently of a higher quality to that which was previously manually created.
  • Improved Compliance: The solution outputs were able to consistently produce outputs aligned to best practice.
  • Knowledge Management: The solution resulted in no outputs being wasted in that they would be leveraged for future projects and added to the body of knowledge to facilitate re-use etc.

Lessons Learnt

  • Advanced Capabilities of LLMs: Leveraging LLMs can greatly enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement.
  • Data Quality: The quality of the final output work product is directly influenced by the quality of the dataset that you have available to leverage as part of the solution.


Large Language Models have broad and deep potential in transforming traditionally manual workflows or business processes. Many of the activities or tasks traditionally performed by employees can now be at the very least augmented or accelerated if not completely automated through the use of this technology. Business’ who do not take advantage of the latest Generative AI technologies will struggle against their competitors who do, i.e. “You will not yet lose your job to AI, but you might lose your job to someone who knows how to leverage AI”.