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Lightblue Cognitive Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence consulting and software development house, delivering Intelligent Automation, Augmentation & Advanced Analytics products & custom solutions.

We specialise in composite application development and complex system integration leveraging best in class Artificial Intelligence technology partner platforms & Open Source solution components, to rapidly deliver business value.

Building an artificial intelligence enabled business depends on having access to Machine Learning and / or Advanced Analytics expertise, built on a robust, extensible technology platform which is cost effective.

Lightblue offers deep expertise coupled with rapid deployment by leveraging pre-built in-house and partner solution components, to ensure your organisation’s artificial intelligence journey is successful.

Our passionate team believes that a smart and well-thought through artificial intelligence roadmap is what gives great organisations the edge.


Our energetic, dynamic team believes that a smart and well-thought through cognitive strategy is what gives great organizations the edge.


We have had the privilege of working with the above amazing organisations.